How to Completely Disable Onstar.
Simple Specific Instructions for the
2016 Chevrolet Spark.


  1. Make sure before you start (and before you cancel your onstar service), that you turn the wireless hotspot OFF.
    Or it will be on forever (not usable, but broadcasting your vehicles location and potentially another way to crack into your car).
  2. Disabling Onstar disables all its services (you won't be able to call them in an emergency).
  3. These instruction may also disable your Satellite Radio (I have not tested). Check before and after to make sure the result is what you want.

You can disable Onstar two ways:

  1. Pull the fuse (on a 2016 Chevrolet Spark it is fuse 1 inside the car, clearly marked on the fuse cover).

  2. Disconnect the Antenna.

    The easiest place to do this is right at the antenna itself (the one mounted on the back of the car).

    On a 2016 Chevrolet Spark:
    1. Open the rear hatch.
    2. Remove the 3 round plastic molding holders from the roof at the top of the hatch lip (you will probably need 2 screwdrivers or some other tool, they are the simple kind of pop-out holders but very hard to remove).
    3. Carefully pull the back-center of the molding down (do not remove it, you just want to pull it down enough to get underneath it).
    4. You will see two antenna wires with easily unplugged connectors (push in tab and pull gently)
      • Disconnect the BLUE connector - See this picture (courtesy of Derwin)
        (it has two wires - make sure it goes to the roof antenna)
        (the second wire is likely the Satelite Radio Antenna connector).
      • The black connector (one wire) is the AM/FM Radio antenna.
    5. Once disconnected, Onstar works but can't contact anything outside your car (the blue light on the mirror should go red - test by pushing the blue Onstar button).

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