Free Applications for Windows/Unix/Linux

Mozilla Software:

ISC (Internet Software Consortium -

RT - Web based Request Tracking system

QCAD - 2D CAD for Windows, Linux and Mac

Windows NT Utilities

TeraTerm (Excelent Terminal Emulator for Windows)

Modules - Environment modules

PackMan - extra rpms for Suse OS

Cygwin (Unix Emulation Environment for Windows)

Nagios - system monitoring (like big brother)

Kerberos - The Network Authentication Protocol

Dovecot Seive Plugin (mail delivery agent)

EKIGA - Voice over IP Application (all OSes - GPL)

7-zip - Unzipper and file compression tool (SourceForge project)

Putty (SSH-v2 for Windows)

CLAM-AV - Free (GPL) Antivirus scanner for unix

ClamWin - Free (GPL) Antivirus for windows based on clamav

Coyote Linux

SPIM - A MIPS R2000/R3000 Simulator

CUPS - Print Server

DBAN - securely wipe a hard drive (incuded with the System Rescue CD - above)

DoveCot IMAP mail server (very good)

Eclipse - Free IDE for C, PHP and Java Development

EXPRESSPCB (Free Board Layout Software)

Configuring the FreeBSD Kernel

The GIMP - Gnu Image Manipulation Tool (PHOTO EDITOR)

Gnu Ghostscript and Gnu GhostView - Postscript/PDF viewer
Ghostscript and GhostView - Postscript/PDF viewer

GNU Plot (Create Plots of Data)

ImageMagick (Image Conversion Tools and Libraries)

Sun Java - The Source for Java(TM) Technology

Ktools - Network Management Tools

LPRng - Another Print Server

LaTeX Project Page

MiKTeX Projekt (TeX for Windows)

Minimalist GNU For Windows (Compiling environment for windows)


NG-SPICE - Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis - based on UC Berkely SPICE3

OBS Project (OBS Studio) - Open Broadcaster Software (open source - GPLv2)

Openoffice - Almost everything Microsoft Office does

Partition Image (Saves Disk Partitions)

Perl (Cross Platform scripting for Windows and Unix)

PostgreSQL Client

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor

Pure-ftpd - a secure ftp server

SAMBA - Windows Services for Unix (Faster and more secure than windows itself)
SAMBA Wiki - info on Windows 7 Domain Login support

Paraview - data visualization

SANE - Scanner Server

SysLinux ( - actually - source of Syslinux, PXElinux, and MEMDISK

System Rescue CD - Fix Unix and Windows Problems (change passwords)

Vera Crypt - (fork of TrueCrypt) - Create cross platform encrypted disks
Abandoned True Crypt Site (now owned by MS with lies to get you to convert to BitLocker)

TCL/TK - Tool Command Language and ToolKit

VideoLAN VLC - Media Player

UW IMAP mail Server

AL-PINE - a command line mail reader (successor to PINE)

WinSCP (graphical SFTP - built from Putty Code)

X-Emacs - The ultimate text editor

XInetd (Unix - powerful replacement for inetd (distributed with linux)

XSANE - front end for SANE Scanner server

GNU HomePage - source for software, FTP Site